Service Questions

Is Yehro Safe?

Absolutely! Since your service provider will be coming directly from us, we ensure they are professional, following safety protocols, and of course, real.

Can I become a service profession on Yehro?

Yes you can! You can partner with Yehro so your business or personal service becomes a listing onto our platform. Listing on Yehro will allow your business to have more visibility with online shoppers.

How do I pay?

Does the service professional bring all equipment and supplies?

What if I want to use the same service again?

Do I need to do anything before the service profession arrives?

What happens if the service profession does a bad job?

Can I choose my service professional?

What happens if the service profession is late?

If your service is late, you will get a 50% discount off the order to recoup for the time lost. If your service provider doesn't show up, you will receive a full refund, and another service provider sent to your location.