How to make money during COVID-19 starting tomorrow in Bangkok

Small Businesses | 3 years ago
How to make money during COVID-19 starting tomorrow in Bangkok Yehro

1. Becoming an English Teacher

As the world gets larger and larger, there is an increasing demand for English Teachers. As English is a widespread language, it is essential for business and interpersonal conversations. It doesn’t require any money to start up, as you already have the knowledge to teach. You can offer your English services for payments, whether it is by the hour or single sessions. You don’t have to be physically present to teach the language either. Promote your services on free platforms like Yehro, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter

Make sure to spend some time creating lessons so your student(s) can learn efficiently and effectively. 

2. Renting out your space

If you have a spare room, it might be a good idea to consider renting it out. You can market your space on platforms like Craigslist, Airbnb, or SpareRoom. When looking for a roommate, make sure to have a background check on who is interested. For your safety, interview if the person is suitable to live in your space. If they are, there are a few things to prepare, like payments and establishing rules for your space. Rules for the rentee could involve having a proper curfew, which rooms they can and cannot use, and how the state of their room should remain.

To prepare for the incoming guest, make sure to clean the room and have space for the rentee to live in.

3. Doing Freelance Writing

If you have writing skills, you probably could sell them. Writing is a tediously long job that requires a lot of time and thought. In short, a lot of people don't want to do it themselves. That's where you can come in. Offer your freelance writing skills, whether its copywriting, for stories, or articles. 

You can advertise your writing services on social media, or specific service sites like Fiverr cost-free.

4. Babysitting

If you have extra time to spare, consider putting it into helping someone else. Babysitting will always be a job on the market as long as children exist. When looking to become a babysitter, make sure you are dressed for the job. Most parents want to make sure their child is in the hands of a trustworthy person. Dress modestly, and be prepared to show the best parts of your personality. During the job, you will have to care for the child, whether that's feeding, playing with, reading to, or putting to bed. You can promote your babysitting service on sites like Yehro or Pantip. 

5. Translating Languages

If you're bilingual, you already have a skill a lot of people don't have, and it's definitely in demand. The quickest and more common job you will receive is to translate writing/text. Many companies and individuals are wanting their content to be put in other languages. Of course, they could use a translator online, but it wouldn’t translate professionally and most likely give the wrong message.

Promoting your translation service on free platforms like Yehro, Fiverr, and various other social media.

6. Becoming a Youtuber

Becoming a YouTuber might have once come into mind, but you put it off. The best time is now, as more and more people use the internet. You don’t need much to start a youtube channel, in fact, if you can read this, you probably have enough to start a channel. If you are hesitant about showing your face or becoming a personality, don't worry. You can still make youtube videos without your face in various categories, like gaming, how-to’s, commentary, and cooking.

When you gain enough traction, you will be able to monetize your content so you can earn money. The popularization of your channel can lead to sponsorships, merch creation, and influencer perks. This method of money-making is a more drawn-out process, which involves as well luck, but if successful can be very rewarding. Simply head to Youtube, and begin the sign-up process to create your account.

7. Decluttering

Decluttering the space as well helps to declutter the mind. A lot of things in your home are sellable, like old technology, parts, furniture, clothes, and toys. Make sure when planning to sell certain things that you abide by the selling platform’s guidelines. Platforms like ThaiSecondhand, Baht & Sold, and Pantip are great places to sell your things.

8. Becoming a Personal Trainer

Your first thought might be, I don’t know much about fitness? But you don’t need to be a trained professional to be able to help someone achieve their fitness goals. You can take some time to of course understand the basics of fitness, and start promoting yourself.

9. Take on House cleaning

Now house cleaning requires a bit more physical labor than usual, but people are always looking to get their place cleaned. For some homes, cleaning tools will be provided for you to use. Though you could use your own cleaning supplies, and get the job done. For example, in a typical home or apartment, you will be expected to clean bathrooms, tidy up the bathrooms, and wash dishes. The labor does give a rewarding payout in the end. Begin promoting yourself on social platforms with appropriate tags based on location and service.

10. Dog-walking

Practically everyone loves and cherishes dogs, they are man's best friend after all. The only problem is that dogs require a lot of work to maintain daily, and not everyone has time to take their dog out every day. You can use this common issue to make some money on the side as a dog walker. Dog-walking is also a great form of exercise for the dog, and as well gives you a free workout. Leashes, collars, and doggy bags will typically be provided by the owner.

11. Becoming a tour guide

People are constantly traveling and seeking adventure. If you're familiar with your area, you can use it to help give personal tours to foreigners and visitors. You can promote your services on places like Yehro, Airbnb, and TripAdvisor.

You can set up different routes for tourists to explore. Make sure to familiarize yourself with how you and the tourist will be getting transportation. Of course, make sure to establish guidelines for the visitor to follow, like not straying away and to follow proper customs in the appropriate settings.

12. Doing surveys

An easy but not guaranteed way of making money is by using surveys. Believe it or not, people are willing to pay you money to get your feedback on things like lifestyle, products, and new ideas. It’s also another way on how people do market research. Sites like SurveyJunkie, InboxDollars, and Swagbucks.

13. Become a personal assistant

No, it’s not just big CEO’s that need a personal assistant, get your head out of the Wattpad books. Single Individuals as well need help with their daily life. Personal Assistant jobs are actually sought out commonly, as people don’t have time to manage all the tiny tasks in their day. Expect to deal with getting services, scheduling, contacting people, and helping with daily tasks. 

Platforms like Yehro, Fiverr, and Taskrabbit.

14. Sell your knowledge/ Create courses

Just like with knowing another language, knowing a trade or skill can carry you a long way. Whether you're good at art, programming, etc, there are people who want to learn it. Begin to sell your skills by creating courses or small programs that people can buy. You can quickly set up a site or begin to promote yourself on platforms like Udemy or Skillshare.

15. Become an Instagram Influencer

Fame is another way to gain money. On Instagram, you can’t directly make money from using the app, but you can use your newfound fame to benefit you. The bigger you get, you will find that you are contacted with sponsorships, deals, and promotions. You aren’t only limited to other people paying you, but as well as creating merchandise or a business with your willing audience. The only problem is that it can be hard to get extremely successful, and usually takes a long stretch of time before getting recognized. But you might find that you're lucky enough to become viral, and not just be a one-hit-wonder

Ways that you could become an Influencer is through popular mediums like comedy, visual effects, makeup, inspirational activity, or following/ setting trends. When you get big enough, you will find yourself struggling to manage your brand and personal life, so getting a Personal Brand Manager can help you balance things out.

16. Become a personal driver

People are always moving around, and tend to need assistance in going to many places. For some people, they prefer a one-stop service. This is where you can apply for job on Grab. These rideshare apps will be able to get many customers for the day. If that makes you uncomfortable, you can still become a driver, but for personal clients. By marketing your chauffeur service on sites like Yehro, or Dryver.

17. Renting out your companionship

Yes, people are very much willing to pay to have a fake spouse. Whether this is for photos, pretending to family, or feeling less alone. By pretending to be someone’s fake girlfriend/wife or boyfriend/husband, you can make quite a lot of money. It's important that when you get people willing to purchase your service you set serious boundaries.

If you feel unsafe, you have every right to end the service. Boundaries like time limits, no touching, and appropriate conversations are examples. 

18. Acting

You can make quick money by being cast as background characters in things like movies, shows, and advertisements. The director and managers will let you know what your role is and how to play it. Going for the main actor shouldn’t be discouraged, but it is quite a competitive role to get casted in. If you go for a background character, it will be quick and you’ll receive monthly royalties from it. Go on platforms like Backstage and KJcasting to find available roles.

19. Proofreading

If you love reading, or at least have a good grasp at grammar and sentence structure, consider proofreading. There are several jobs that require someone to take the time to read through articles, books, or scripts to check if everything is accurate. It’s important that you do this job accurately, as, after all, you're there to check for any tiny errors that slipped between the cracks. Some jobs as well don't just deal with grammar checking, but checking for professionalism, tone, and how it will be received by the specific audience. If you think this is in your ally, then market yourself on social media or platforms like Fiverr and Craigslist Thailand

20. Sell your art

Before you say, I’m not an artist, remember that art is subjective. And a banana duct-taped to a wall sold for $150,000. You don't have to recreate the next Mona Lisa to get buyers. In fact, art is more about the personality, story, and meaning than the art itself. What we are saying is that whether you're talented or a beginner, your art can be sold. If you're a beginner, try experimenting with different mediums, like pottery, resin, or photography. You can begin to start off with simple drawings, completely expressing your creativity. The best place to promote yourself is on social media and specific art sites like SaatchiArtPantipMarket, and DeviantArt. Avoid trying to promote art, as again, art is subjective and is not meant to be enjoyed by everyone.

There are so many ways you can make money, especially during this time COVID-19. Just find what delves into your own skills, and let the money roll in.